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Who are we ?

In Très-Saint-Sacrement in 1982, Roger Henderson founded his company to sell agricultural products such as manure systems, cow stalls, ventilation systems and many others. A family business, Les Équipements de Ferme BHR Inc., was born thanks to his association with his wife Huguette and his son Bruno. So, the letters of the acronym BHR of course refer to the first names of the three owners of the business: Bruno, Huguette and Roger. However, the latter took a malicious pleasure in telling their customers that they had a Good, Honorable and Respectable business. At the beginning, the company had its parts department located in the garage of the family home and its warehouse in a shed. of the RB Henderson farm. In 1983, the company expanded its sales department by not only selling equipment, but also agricultural machinery. It was in 1988 that everyone was able to admire the final result of all these changes during these open days.


Evolution Of The Building

1988 to present

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